Get Remote Data

by Nextanalytics Corporation


Founded in 2007, Nextanalytics has helped tens of thousands of web and social media analysts with getting their data into a spreadsheet.

Get Remote Data is a pure web application, there is nothing to install and you can access your account from any browser on any device.

There's a free mode, and users can request to upgrade to a paid version for more power, flexibility, and support.

Privacy Policy

The data that you enter and download is temporarily stored in our server, hosted at Microsoft Azure. If you are a paid user, we do not use the data nor do we provide access to any other company, except to send you links to it by email.

A licensed user will not receive email from us except in response to a query that you start or an important operational message.

Free users will have their contact information used for marketing purposes.

Anyone can unsubscribe by sending a request to whereupon we will delete all data associated to you.


Your purchase is a subscription in that it automatically renews each month.

When you make your purchase you are provided a link to un-subscribe, which you can click any time. If you unsubscribe, your purchase remains valid to the end of it's period.

After an account expires, we will prohibit you from using the free service.

Free users will experience delays as their queries are given a low priority and performed only once per day. It's possible that large downloads will have their data cut off at a certain threshold.

Nextanalytics Corporations reserves the right to cancel a person's account. When doing so, we will first offer to create a hosted private Azure instance on your behalf (at extra cost to you).

Consulting and custom solutions are available, minimum fee is $5,000.